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make plans then ditch em.

Posted on 2008.06.21 at 12:13
The whole book writing/become ridiculously famous thing is not so much with the working out thing. ahem. I started two and neither has come to much. i am cursed with lazyness and that horrible disease where you abondon all your obsessions within a week. yeah. anyways. i need to hop back on the writing train. eventually...

yesterday night went bowling with some of mah peeps yo. twas fun. I must say, i am impressed with elaine's ability to maintain a score of 3 points for over half the game....^^ love you! I kept getting 7's, 8's and 9's but that wasn't enough to even get third place! damn bastards! hmm I should work on my competative-ness. yeeesss, I'll get right on that.

herm. Oh I watched a gaysian movie with tha vinceh. Twas much of the adorableness! so cute! but craptacular ending! It was sooooo non-commital! ah but there were so many squeel moments! boy's love is so sweet!

2 hot guys= 2 times the hottness.

I'm starting to lose hope on the jobfront. though I am looking at internships for next summer. I have several in mind. If I get into an internship then I won't be studying abroad, which sucks but what can you do? I really want to go to Todai though....

Ah Natalie has an interview with the Aeon program! Its kind of like the Jet program. It would be sooooo cool if she got in! I hope she does! I bet she will!

erm. Oh! I went to the schaumburg farmer's market. For the most part, its crap. TINY! but non-the-less, I had a bit-o-fun. We got some kitchen knives sharpened and Natalie got this genuine army knife she found on a dig sharpened as well. There was a frenchman selling olives! I love love love listening to people speak french or speak english with a french accent. GOD, I miss France. ....sigh. oh and I tried soem Sangria while I was there. I was suprised it tasted good! We ended up buying a delicious baguette and pastry from the french nuns and Nattie bought a head of red lettuce.

What else have I been doing....? hmmm. ummm. well my mom and I are thinking about opening an Etsy shop and combinging our crafts. We haven't thought of a name yet. I'm going to be doing some felted pieces, some knitting, crocheting etc. and my mom will probably be doing beading jewelry and the like. should be fun and whatnot.

speaking of, I recently taught myself how to needle felt. After stabbing my fingertips repeatedly I finally have the hang of it. Except I keep accidently snapping the needles...but the results are cute little felted novelties! I should post pics.....

besides all that can't think of anything all that interesting....

I'll try to keep this thing updated more....

laters my babes in toyland!


spacedragon at 2008-06-28 05:38 (UTC) (Link)
If you guys think your crafts are really good and can sell them on the spot, I'd recommend getting a booth at the Renegade Art Festival late this summer. It's a good place to get cash on the spot and it's pretty high energy for one weekend.
snuffystuff at 2008-07-02 13:51 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I had never heard of this before. Maybe next year after we've got things started a bit. The application fee is a bit high for us right now...alas. ^^
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