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enh despite all my hopes

Posted on 2008.03.18 at 13:42
It looks like I will be majoring in mathematics. Kinda lame.

If I look at it rationally, like the impoverished student I am, I had to choose something mathy-sciencey. This is mainly due to the fact that I have taken somewhere around a kajillion math and science courses in preparations for a life of physics. ( which will never happen now)

So basically I'm stuck with math. blegh. whatevs. I'm kinda wondering whether I even want to go to grad school....

anyways. So I have caught 4 separate colds in the past 4 weeks. One cold per week. And I knwo they are separate colds because each has its own unique set of symptoms. craptastic.

only about 5 more weeks of classes! Thats probably the best part about going to Michigan! The whole "its almost the end of te semester" deal both elates and horrifies me. Basically because that means finals are also coming up. This wouldn't be such a big deal if I hadn't totally crapped out on my physics midterm. I'm seriously considering going to psychological services to see if tey can do anything about my anxiety thing. >> I am NOT crazy...well, okay not THAT sort of crazy.

enh as long as I get out of here alive...

My mom wants me to apply for a summer math internship. yes thats right they actually HAVE math internships...WHATDOYOUDOATAMATHINTERNSHIP? I can't imagine...

I have to watch this movie for french class....Happenstance...dunno...I hope it has subtitles...>>

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