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Achilles just had his heel...intellectual weakness is worse.

Posted on 2008.03.06 at 23:07
So apparently I suck at Stats. Porbability the whole shabang. Whatever it is , it just doesn't make sense to me. the taste of inability is nasty. yuck.

I'm in such a Michael Jackson mood right now. Poor Dana has to listen to nonstop MJ. I blame it on my recent obsession. "America's Best Dance Crew"...ahhhh. This week's show was Michael Jackson themed and all the routines were performed to MJ songs. Nostalgia much?

Life has suddenly become extremely boring. I'm not sure why, but everything seems so mundane. egads. I started writing for fun.....and now I'm stuck. I can't seem to find a way to transition from an internal dialogue to narration and actual dialogue. It has been sooooo looooong since I've written anything for fun......years actually. I miss books.

hmmm. life.

I can't wait for summer.


musicalanime at 2008-03-07 16:29 (UTC) (Link)
I can't wait for it either. I get to keep you close by again. ^^

I wish I could write for fun again... I've got a paper due Tuesday that needs 10 citations... and I have no idea what the hell to write about!! =P
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